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Solazul Swimwear is Designed by Yanira Maldonado. Yanira started with a vision of making a swimwear brand for women who love to be unique and love the tropical beach vibes. She started selling her products in the most popular surf shops and boutiques from her beautiful island, PUERTO RICO. Growing up in the caribbean where the sun burns all year long and the beaches are always warm, she decided to focus on her dream. The dream of having the first swimwear line from Puerto Rico, and with all of her hard work she now, for almost 20 years, has the brand of Solazul Swimwear. Solazul Swimwear has so many backgrounds and is well recognized in the industry. Magazines, Beauty pageants, Artists, singers, Surfers,Top Models, Industry  Influencers, Stores and boutiques carry and dress her brand and follow her designs.  Her passion never ends and Solazul Swimwear will continue as it achieves and sets new goals.